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Meadow IslandIn 1949, 15-year-old Johnny Johnson started work at the workshops on Meadow Island. He describes some of his experiences and the activities crowded on to the island, the different types of boats on the river and the move away from the island to the salt mine in the 1960s.
Newbridge"Paddy" Maddock recalls memories from 1942 and later when his father was bridge keeper at Newbridge. He remembers how busy the river was, how the many boats were controlled through the bridge and why they never had to buy coal or grain for their chickens thanks to his entrepreneur dad.
Rock MineJohnny Johnson describes the different white salt made along the river and elsewhere. He tells of moving from Meadow Island to the rock salt mine in 1949, the arrangements for food after the war, the buses laid on at lunch time, and the growth of the mine in the 1960s.
TownbridgeGlynn Walker recollects the sights, sounds and smells when sailing downriver as a ten-year-old on his grandfather's salt boat Chanticleer in the mid 1950s.
RailwayFormer railway men George Bleese and Mike Naughton talk about the trains they drove to the station at the top of Wharton Hill then onward to the main line. They also recollect the other line which ran from Cuddington, along what is now the Whitegate Way, to the station near the bottom of the old Winsford High Street which also served the rock salt mine and white salt works on the Over side of the river.

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