Weaver Parkway

Weaver ParkwayWander along the historic Weaver Navigation, through the industrial and natural landscapes of the Weaver Parkway, close to Winsford town centre. Much of the Parkway has been reclaimed from former industrial land, a legacy of the local salt industry, and is now rich in wildlife.

The River Weaver is perfect for watching wildlife or simply sitting quietly and relaxing. Over 4km of footpaths and cycleway provide an ideal opportunity to explore the hidden parts of the Parkway.

Look out for the herons, perched on the salt piles across the river, next to Britain's only underground salt mine. Salt tolerant plants such as sea milkwort and sea aster thrive where the salt is blown across the river.

In summer the meadows are a riot of colour. Tortoiseshell and red admiral butterflies flit amongst the knapweed, while later in the year goldfinches feast on the teasel heads.

As the Friends of Weaver Parkway, we aim to promote and preserve the Parkway, making it available for everyone to enjoy. Find out more about what we do.

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